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Collect student check-in, capture customized fields and set notifications — all on the iPad.

Engagement Tracking Made Easy.

No keyboards. No confusion. Everything you need for engagement tracking, minus all the stuff you don't.

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Software to fuel student growth and build better engagement, from first hello to happy graduates and beyond.

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EdX's system unites your campus under one modern application.

Don't let your inflexible, legacy student engagement systems hold you back.

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Setup and Management

Manage from the cloud

Configure location settings, export check-in data and manage student engagement wherever you are via the web application.

Streamline student check-in

No more switching between applications, paper forms, Excel spreadsheets and databases. EdX simplifies the check-in process and puts everything in one place.

Be in the know

Create customized fields that allow you to see which of your services students are most interested in and when they are most engaged.

Manage multiple locations

Multiple academic and student services offices across your organization? We understand. Configure all locations and iPads from one intuitive web application.

Role-based access

Provide the right level of access to your organization, admin team, and staff by controlling actions based on security roles.

Actionable Intelligence

Simplify analysis

Tap into data to find answers faster and deliver real-time operational intelligence that helps students succeed.

Focus on success, not paperwork

Intuitive features and unlimited student check-ins allow you to accurately capture data and analyze engagement trends.

Effortlessly view check-in data

EdX dashboard displays real time check-in student list. With just one click you can view historical trends and service utilizations.

Win back your time

Get the big picture of where your hours are going, tweak your work and get more time for engaging with students.

Make informed decisions

Get deep insight into how your location is doing, make informed decisions and get your engagement growing.

Student Experience

Make that first impression

Deliver an extraordinary first experience via the iPad app that aligns with modern students’ expectations.

It’s easy

Tap to begin. Enter ID. Success.

Hassle-free check-in

EdX makes check-in so simple, students actually use it. But even if they forget, our system allows for manual check in. We’ve got you covered.

Set notifications

Set notifications for your team when students check in. You’ll never waste time tracking down students again.

Technology designed around the student experience and as limitless as their imagination.

Apple iPads and Heckler Design iPad Stands are approved accessories for EdX.

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